English Shepherds

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Lucy Loves to Work Cattle

The Sheep Do Whatever Lucy Says

English Shepherds descended from Shepherds’ dogs from England and Southern Scotland, which also led to modern “show” Collies and Border Collies. English Shepherds  have a loose-eyed herding style and have been selected for all-around ability when compared to their Collie cousins. They are known for being farmers’ faithful helpers and shadows—always at the ready when needed. They herd livestock, put misplaced animals back where the belong, dispatch varmints, and faithfully guard children and the family household, warning of intruders or anything that is amiss.
We have 3 English Shepherds, Sweet Home Farms Lucy (“Lucy”) is a black & tan whose lineage traces back to some of the best known working-dog lines.  Sweet Home Farms Whistle is also a black and tan, and he goes back to some of the oldest and most rare lines in the breed (the “Old Lobo” lines).  Sweet Home’s Nell of Shepherd’s Way is our youngest, a beautiful sable and white girl who is very talented working sheep. We hope to have puppies in 2015.View Lucy’s Pedigree

Watch a short Clip of Lucy in Action: http://youtu.be/UXoSTTga-zQ


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