About Us and the Farm

Evening Sunset 1850's barn

About Sweet Home Farms

We recently moved from our farm in the Cascade foothills to a smaller farm in Tenmile, Oregon, west of Roseburg. We’re now raising a smaller number of Katahdin sheep and Boer goats, and also English Shepherds. We farm sustainably and holistically, taking care of our land, water, and local wildlife, while raising healthy and happy animals that are treated naturally and humanely.

We take care of our land, water, and wildlife to help sustain the natural environment for future generations. .

— Carla Green and Mike Polen, Owners



Bert and Beau Smiling

Beau and Bert:  Great Pyrennes Guardian Dogs

Satellite View of Management Intensive Grazing at one of our Pastures


MIG stands for Managment Intensive Grazing, also referred to as Strip Grazing, and its at the core of what we do at Sweet Home Farms. In the photo above you can see several bands (or paddocks as we call them) of green in varying degrees of darkness. The darkest areas have grown back (bottom right hand corner) or are waiting to be grazed next (solid area above the strips in the image). You can even see the cattle grazing in the top most paddock on the left. This is one of the biggest reasons that our Grass-fed Beef is of higher quality than other grass-fed products. MIG allows us to provide only the most most nutrient rich and tender grass to the cattle, resulting in them gaining weight faster and having a healthier, more nutirent rich muscle mass that contributes to their amazing flavor. If you’ve never seen the difference between MIG and typical ‘open range’ grazing, we strongly encourage you to come check it out in person!

Get In Touch!

Many of the initial questions you may have are answered in this website. But we welcome your calls and emails. In fact, as you place your first order we think a phone call is the best way to do it. We can help you make sure to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Part of the joy of having a small farm is that we get to meet our customers and hear what they want, so do get in touch!


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