Our Katahdin Sheep


Beau Guarding Katahdin Sheep

Katahdin sheep are a breed of “hair” sheep (in contrast to wool sheep). Because they shed, they don’t require shearing or tail docking, so are excellent for farms that use humane management practices.

We raise Registered Katahdins for Livestock sales, and unregistered lambs for meat, sold by son Daniel (www.swmeats.com).

Katahdins are hardy and parasite resistant so rarely require use of wormers or medications. Even better, they easily lamb on their own, and lambs are vigorous so ewes do not have to be confined during lambing to ensure that lambs survive. For all of these reasons, and because they grow well when fed only forage (no grain), they are considered a “low-input” breed.

Katahdins are also smaller in size than many wool sheep.  Often weighing only 130-150 lbs at mature weight, their lambs are usually 100lbs at time of harvest. Smaller animals require less feed (Grass and Alfalfa only at this farm!)  to maintain body condition and reach full mature weight sooner, making lambs more likely to have begun putting on higher proportions of fat.

Low-input animals are those that are best-suited to natural settings, thus helping to sustain, rather than degrade, those environments.

Lamb from our grass-fed Katahdins is lean and mildly flavored.

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